Self Assessment Tax Returns from £150+VAT

CIS - Construction Industry Scheme

Workers within the construction industry, engaged as self employed contractors operate under special HMRC rules when it comes to paying taxes. 

Workers need to register with HMRC and are given a UTR (unique tax reference). HMRC will attribute a basic rate of tax to the Workers income that needs to be deducted at source, this will normally be 20%, but can 0% or 40% depending on the workers circumstances. Workers will have this basic tax deducted each time they are paid by the Contractor. The worker is then required to complete a self-assessment tax return under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). This often results in a repayment of tax. Tax and Class 4 NIC declarations are made under a Self-Assessment Tax Return. Class 2 NIC is payable weekly. Other factors such as VAT and PAYE may also need to be considered.

We offer a number of services to support workers in the construction industry including CIS registrations and ongoing services such as self-assessment tax returns. Please click here for more information.